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[Podcast] Safe and Sound: Elevating the conversation around construction safety

“Safe and Sound: Elevating the conversation around construction safety” is a podcast series focused on looking globally to help contractors create better safety standards locally.

In this four-part series, Construction Dive’s Brand Studio will explore how the latest technology systems provide a new level of transparency on the jobsite that’s helping to elevate conversations around safety. This series will also explore how clients are using this technology to create dramatically safer job sites — and improve bottom lines with fewer injuries and quality issues.

Check out the podcast episodes below.

Ep. 4 The New Normal: What Does Construction Safety Look Like Post Pandemic?

Ep. 3 Global Construction Leadership During Coronavirus

Ep. 2 Jobsite Safety and Technology During the Coronavirus Pandemic – What You Need to Know

Ep. 1 What North American Companies Can Learn From Global Contractors to Improve Safety Standards Locally

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