When Emma Basmayor was in high school, shop classes had been phased out of the curriculum entirely. The idea of working in the skilled trades hadn’t occurred to her as a career choice. But before she graduated, a chance encounter planted the seed of a dream that would take years to become reality.

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Most people believe that a college education is necessary for a stable career. An undergraduate degree is the key to success for most parents, teachers, and future bosses. A master's degree or doctorate is even better.

For certain professions, college degrees are required — even for entry-level positions. Yet, a college degree isn’t necessary to make a good living.

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Construction is one of the most notoriously male-dominated professions, with only 9% of the workforce being female. This figure is primarily women in administrative and office positions in construction, as the number of women actively working on construction sites is even smaller.

While women still face challenges in the construction industry, there are many good reasons why they should join this field of work.

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