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Tips for Writing a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Having a professional LinkedIn profile is key, as this is a social platform where you can connect with colleagues as well as industry recruiters. It is an essential tool for your career, so you want to make sure your profile is detailed, comprehensive and well written.

Here are some helpful tips that will enhance your LinkedIn profile:

Use a professional photo

Compelling profiles that use a professional photo are seven times more likely to be viewed.

Write a persuasive headline and summary

This should be your "elevator pitch". Aim to be catchy, memorable and informative. Make sure to be yourself, highlighting the benefits and accomplishments you have brought to your previous employers. And do not write these in third person.

Use keywords - not buzzwords

Avoid using buzzwords like "dynamic leader with proven track record of high accomplishments". Instead, make sure you are using facts:

"I posses 10+ years of experience in conducting sales with over 25 accounts, which yielded over $2.5M in profit. I have accomplished 200+ hours of technical training on subjects including innovation, project management and construction trends"

Update your summary consistently

Your career changes with time - so should your summary.

Avoid copying and pasting from your resume

Recruiters and colleagues can read your resume. You want to tell a narrative on your career. However, avoid dense paragraphs and too much detail, and do not use humor. Be strategic in what you want to include.

Build a professional network

Follow key companies within your industry. Request recommendations from your colleagues or past managers. Join relevant discussion groups. Use "LinkedIn Answers" to increase visibility.

Follow Forbes' guidelines

Follow guidelines from “How to Write a Stellar LinkedIn Summary” published in Forbes.

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