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Facebook will award $150,000 in grants to 38 Miami-area small businesses affected by the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about it here.

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The coronavirus outbreak is still in full swing across the globe and the CDC recommends that people, specially over the age of 60 stay home. Social distancing is becoming the new norm. Staying at home and avoiding crowds is necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but it can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you or a loved one is starting to feel the effects of being confined at home, try these suggestions for connecting with others during the outbreak.

Schedule virtual visits with friends and family

From free communication tools like Skype to smartphone apps like Facetime, there are a lot of ways to see and catch up with family and friends without having to leave your home. Many online communication tools provide a video feature to help you feel more connected to loved ones. When you’re looking for a more simple solution, a quick phone call can also help lift spirits.

Play your favorite games online

Whether you prefer cards or board games, it’s easy to now play your favorite games online. Websites like offer a variety of card and board games that you can play with others or on your own. You can also download apps on your phone to play games with others, like Words with Friends.

Join an online discussion group or book club

Discussions groups found on sites like SeniorChatters offer a way for older adults to engage in different topics online. Use these tools to meet other seniors from all over the world and discuss your favorite hobbies. If you’re a reader, consider joining an online book club. Celadon Books shares their five favorite book clubs that you can join online.

Watch live concerts online

Many people find connection and resilience through music. Organizations like the Seattle Symphony are finding news ways to share their services during these challenging times. Enjoy free live broadcasts of the symphony from the comfort of your own home. You can learn more about upcoming concerts and how to watch these live broadcasts here.

Communicate the old-fashioned way

If you don’t have access to smart phones or computers, consider sending a hand-written letter or card to loved ones instead. If you like to volunteer, letter-writing can also be used to spread messages of hope. The nonprofit Letters Against Depression gives people an opportunity to write hand-written letters of support to people suffering from depression. This is a simple way to do and feel good, and to connect with others.

The ever-growing and demanding construction industry almost requires you to stay connected as much as possible, using all the resources out there, to potential customers, suppliers and business partners.

Construction Data, a ConstructConnect Company, came up with 7 tips for networking in the construction industry. For more information, visit

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